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Hard Money Loans
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Trusted Washington Hard Money Lenders. Easy Qualify Private Money Loans.

Gregory M. Russell Washington hard money loans have helped thousands of customers throughout Washington State obtain quick cash on their property without the paperwork and delays of other lenders.

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⦁ Have bad credit?
⦁ Need fast cash?
⦁ Property doesn’t qualify for a bank loan?

⦁ Self-employed?
⦁ Filed bankruptcy?
⦁ Been turned down by conventional lenders?

No problem! We make these loans every day.

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Types of Loans

Get a loan to purchase a business or investment property

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Equity Loans

Use equity to refinance a business or investment property

Have Good Equity? You’re Approved!

We are private money lenders/hard money lenders serving all of Washington. We loan based on your available equity, not your credit.

Whether you’re looking for commercial loans in Seattle, business loans in Spokane, or want to refinance an equity loan in Vancouver we can help.

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We Offer Streamlined Washington Hard Money Loans

As a direct Washington hard money lender, we make the decisions. We’re not slowed down by having to find an investor to make your loan like most brokers do. We move fast. So you can fund that investment deal before the competition even knows about it.

Why use a hard money lender?

Hard money lenders are a good choice for those looking for flexible loan terms, such as interest-only payments with a balloon or a fully amortizing loan. Gregory M. Russell hard money loans can be used to finance any type of Washington real estate from bare land to commercial to residential income property.

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Why Choose Us?

Fast services - Gregory M Russell Washington hard money lenders


We provide quick, reliable hard money loan services

Friendly services - Gregory M Russell Washington hard money lenders


We enjoy working in partnership with our clients

Experienced service - Gregory M Russell Washington hard money lenders


We have over 30 years’ private money loan experience

Investor Success Stories!

Private money loan to renovate commercial property leads to increased cash flow.

This customer owned almost a full city block of commercial real estate in a small town in central Washington.

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Investor has multiple uses for hard money lender.

Our borrower was a well-established investment property owner in the Renton area. He decided to use a hard money lender to expedite his loan.

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Borrower has balloon due and turns to us for quick refi with more favorable terms.

Our borrower had a balloon coming due on rental property in the San Juan Islands and needed to move fast.

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Quick Service, Great Terms. . . We’re Your Best Investment Loan Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about how our loans work. Want to know more? Call us.

How do you make your loan decision?

Loans to Purchase Property: We can loan up to a maximum of 50% or half of the purchase price of the property. See more…

How do you determine property value?

We review comparable sales of properties similar to yours to determine its current market value. See more…

My credit is not good. Is that a problem?

Your credit is not important to us. We are equity lenders and do not have to qualify you from a credit standpoint. See more…

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