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by gregrussell

Seller Disclosure Rules in Real Estate

Ensure a Successful Sale with a Washington Private Money Loan

What are seller disclosure rules and regulations and how do they impact your real estate investment strategy?

Investor Tips: Understanding Real Estate Taxes

A Washington Hard Money Loan is Your Key to Success

Everything investors need to know about property and capital gains taxes when acquiring real estate and generating income.

Under $1000 Value-Add Home Upgrade Projects

Finance Real Estate Upgrades with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Boost your investment property ROI with these cost-effective DIY renovations that won’t break the bank.

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Earnings

Leverage a Washington Private Money Loan When Financing

Four ways to “make more money” as an real estate investor and ensure that the highest ROI.

Adapt Your Real Estate Plans: Home Office Trends

Get a Washington Private Money Loan for Renovations & Upgrades

A look at changes in home office trends and how to adapt your real estate investment plans for the highest appeal.

What’s Your Real Estate Investment Strategy?

Navigate Washington Market Trends with Our Private Money Lending Team

Adjust your real estate strategy to market ebbs and flows to ensure the success of your portfolio.

Understanding Home Appraisals vs Lender Inspections vs Property Inspections

Our Washington Hard Money Lenders are Here to Help

A handy breakdown for real estate investors of the differences between the types of home inspections.

How to Invest in Real Estate: Beginner Tips for Success

Finance Your Washington Investment with an Equity-Based Private Money Loan

Investing in real estate can be daunting. Follow these pointers if you’re thinking of investing for the first time.

How to Prepare for Natural Disasters & Property Loss

A Washington Hard Money Loan Can Quickly Fund Repairs

Proactive steps real estate investors can take to mitigate property damage and alleviate stress if a natural disaster strikes.

Types of Hard Money Loans

Get a Washington Hard Private Loan to Finance Your Real Estate Project

Fast, flexible hard money loans are adaptable to diverse real estate investment scenarios. Here are some common types of loans.