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by gregrussell

9 Speedy, Low-Cost Home Upgrades for the Holidays

Our Washington Equity Loans Help Finance Larger Projects

Nine quick, easy, budget-friendly DIY home upgrades – a bonus during the holidays when spending is a concern.

The Gamble of Investing in Real Estate: Pros & Cons

Easy-Qualify Washington Hard Money Loans Offer Fast Financing

There are pros and cons to investing in real estate. Experienced investors don’t rely on a roll of the dice. Follow these tips for success.

Capital Gains Tax & Real Estate 101

Use a Washington Hard Money Loan to Lower Taxable Profit

It’s essential to be strategic when investing in real estate. Take these steps to reduce or avoid capital gains tax for the highest return on your investment.

7 Things to NOT Repair When Selling a House

Get an Equity-Based Washington Hard Money Loan for the Big Stuff

Preparing your property to list can be stressful. Here are things you can relax about fixing without significantly affecting your ROI.

When Your House Flip Investment Won’t Sell

Our Washington Hard Money Loans Offer Easy Real Estate Financing

Is your fixer-upper not selling? Here are ways to ease the anxiety and ensure your house flip has the best chance of finding a happy buyer.

Are You a Real Estate Entrepreneur?

Leverage Your Investments with a Washington Private Money Loan

Real estate investors buy and sell property to make profit. Real estate entrepreneurs do the same thing, on a different level. Which are you?

The Essential Home Tool Kit: Must-have Tools for Home Repairs

Get a Private Money Loan for Bigger Real Estate Repairs

Ten essential tools every home tool kit should include. Keep your property in tip top shape!

How Fast Can You Flip a House?

Start With a Fix & Flip Washington Hard Money Loan

How many houses can you flip in a year? Many real estate investors use equity-based hard money loans to finance fixer-upper projects

How to Prepare Your Real Estate Investment for a Heatwave

Our Washington Hard Money Loans Help Finance Property Repairs

Keep your real estate investment safe – and cool – with our heatwave hints and tips.

Why Your Closing Date Is Delayed. . .and How to Deal

Take the Worry Out of Financing with a Washington Hard Money Loan

What exactly does “closing” mean in real estate, and what should you really expect when it comes to contract dates?