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by gregrussell

How to Successfully Invest in Foreclosure Properties

Have Your Financing Ready with a Washington Hard Money Loan

As the pandemic eases, the housing market is feeling its continued impact. Foreclosures have steadily risen following the expiration of moratorium protections.

Should I Apply for a Hard Money Loan?

Washington Hard Money Loans Are Great Options for Fix & Flips

Wondering if a hard money lender is the right fit for your needs? Here’s the low-down on when and why you should apply

Exterior Paint Color that Sells Your Property

A Washington Hard Money Loan Makes Improvements Simple

Fresh exterior paint in the right colors is one way to boost the buyer appeal and value of your listing.

When Interest Rates Rise: Hard Money Loans Offer Financing Options

Get a Quick Approved Washington Private Money Loan

Hard money loans provide fast, flexible financing when rising interest rates and traditional loan restrictions put a kink in real estate investment plans.

Moving Day Essentials: How to Survive the Big Day

Washington Hard Money Lenders Make Real Estate Moves Easier

Essential moving day tips to help get you organized, packed and moved with a little less stress – and you’ll soon be enjoying your new investment.

Real Estate Investors: How to Find the Best Hard Money Lender

Finance Your Washington Investment with a Private Money Loan

Asset-based hard money loans allow investors to close deals quickly and increase their ROI. But how do you find a good hard money lender when you need one?

Townhouses Are Making a Comeback

Get Financing in Order with a WA Hard Money Loan

Townhouse construction is on the rise and demand from buyers and renters is strong. Why the interest?

Prepare to List for the Spring Real Estate Market

Our Washington Hard Money Loans Make Financing Simple

If you’re planning to sell your rental or investment property this spring, now is a great time to take steps to maximize your ROI.

5 Top Home Remodeling Projects with Buyer Appeal

Washington Hard Money Loans: Fast Financing for Upgrades

The pandemic has altered our living and working habits. Real estate and home improvement trends have shifted in response. . .

When & Why to Be Your Own General Contractor

Get Financing in Order with a Washington Hard Money Loan

You’re committed to a house flip or home renovation project, but contractors are scheduled out for months. . .