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by gregrussell

Need Fast Cash? A Hard Money Loan Could Be the Answer

Why Washington Real Estate Investors Use Private Money Loans

Investing in real estate can be a great way to expand or diversify your investment portfolio and build wealth. . .

Inspiring Deck Ideas: Upgrade Your Outdoor Space & Boost Your ROI

Finance Investment Property Improvements with a Hard Money Loan

Dryer weather in the Northwest means more time outdoors, and a well-designed, usable outdoor space adds value. . .

How to Buy a Home Before It’s Listed

An Equity-Based Washington Hard-Money Loan Makes Investing Easy

If you’re trying to buy a home, you’ve probably experienced tight inventory and a super competitive market. . .

Laidback Landscaping Tips for Landlords

Talk to Our Washington Private Money Loan Team about Rental Upgrades The better maintained your rental property is and the happier your tenants are, the more assured you’ll be of a solid return on investment. Keeping up the exterior of your rental unit is as important as seeing to interior needs. Attractive landscaping adds curb […]

What Was That? Let’s Define Common Hard Money Loan Terms

From a Trusted Washington Hard Money Lender If you invest in real estate – or are thinking about it – you’ve probably heard of hard money loans. Investors who need fast financing and don’t want to deal with the requirements and paperwork of a conventional lender turn to private money lenders. Asset-based hard money loans […]

To Renovate or Not When the Market is Hot

Finance Home Renovations and Upgrades with a Washington Hard Money Loan If you’re thinking of selling, it’s common to consider making upgrades to your home or property to improve your ROI before listing. But in today’s red hot housing market, where eager buyers are making offers over asking price, is it worth the bother? There’s […]

Looking for a Fix & Flip in a Hot Market? Here’s Who to Know

Finance Your Investment with a Hassle-Free Washington Private Money Loan When the housing market is tight, real estate investors need to get creative. If you’re looking for distressed properties to fix and flip and inventory is low, it’s helpful to think of different types of “relationships” that may lead to opportunities. Social media posts and […]

Pro Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Day

Need Financing? Consider a Washington Hard Money Loan It’s a busy time of year in real estate. In today’s seller’s market, homes are going faster than ever. If you’re selling a property and moving out on a DIY budget, do yourself a favor and put some thought into the process. Save stress, dollars and time […]

Why You Should Use a Hard Money Loan in 2021

Our Washington Hard Money Loans Make Real Estate Investing Streamlined & Stress-Free In a word, the housing market is tight. For real estate investors, that means the competition for investment opportunities is strong. The number of available fix and flips and rental properties on the market is limited. The better prepared you are as an […]

Why This is a Great Year to Invest in Real Estate

Leverage Your Available Equity with a Washington Hard Money Loan Shifting trends in how and where we work, live and play have impacted the housing market in the past year. Is investing in real estate still a smart move? The housing market is strong, and vacation and rental properties remain a profitable option for investors. […]