5 Smart Real Estate Investment Tips

5 Smart Real Estate Investment Tips

Hard Money Lenders Offer Creative Loan Options in Hot Markets

Seattle is currently making headlines as one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Housing prices across Washington, as reported in June, are rising faster than in any other state, with prices growing at a rate nearly double the national average.

5 Tips for Smart Real Estate Investment

#1: Research property price trends, both in your immediate community – and beyond. If you live in an in-demand urban market like Seattle, consider looking beyond to lesser priced areas for investment. Study price trends and inform yourself about recent sales and averages.

#2: Look at growth indicators. How healthy is the area’s infrastructure you’re considering for investment – upkeep, new development and construction, population. Spend time exploring the community to get a first–hand sense of its vitality.

#3: Know anticipated property taxes. Become familiar with area tax structures and what to expect with a real estate investment.

#4: Go to school. Whatever the type of property you may be investing in – multifamily, single unit rental – good schools are a paramount consideration. Ensuring that local schools are high ranking is a top priority with any property purchase.

#5: Be open to location and availability. Seattle and surrounding environs are highly popular real estate investment prospects right now. Being flexible, informed, quick to take action, and in tune to a market like Washington State can bring a healthy return on your investment.

Hard Money Lenders Can Be a Hot Market Investment Asset

Hard money lenders can provide helpful fast cash loans in tight markets like Washington State. Gregory M. Russell offers fast, convenient hard money loans to qualified real estate investors to help meet different funding needs. Give us a call at 1-888-477-0444 to talk about how our private money lending services work and how we can be of assistance.