5 Top Home Remodeling Projects with Buyer Appeal

5 Top Home Remodeling Projects with Buyer Appeal

Washington Hard Money Loans: Fast Financing for Upgrades

The pandemic has altered our living and working habits. Real estate and home improvement trends have shifted in response. Potential buyers (and renters) look for features and upgrades in a home that promote a healthy, productive, comfortable environment.

If you invest in real estate and flip houses or update rental properties, consider these current home remodeling trends to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes time to list your property.

Five Home Improvement Trends

  1. Productive space: We’re working from home and spending more time on the home front. Remodel your property to maximize opportunities for privacy and productivity.
  2. Connect with nature: We’re feeling a desire to rejuvenate and embrace nature. Increase natural light and outside views with large, energy-efficient windows, skylights and glass doors.
  3. Environmentally conscious: We’re more aware of our impact on the environment. Focus on an energy-efficient, sustainable design with eco-friendly appliances, materials and HVAC system.
  4. Flooring preferences: We’re thinking about what’s underfoot. Increase the value of your investment property by replacing old flooring with highly popular hardwood floors.
  5. The great outdoors: We’re eager to get out and stretch beyond the walls of our home. Extend livable space to the outdoors by adding or improving and expanding a patio, deck or porch.
  6. Disaster preparedness: We’re increasingly impacted by climate change. Take steps to mitigate damage from hurricane, flood and fire if your property is in a particularly vulnerable location.

Our Washington Private Money Loans are Equity-Based

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