5 Ways to Find Cheap (or Free) Home Renovation Materials

5 Ways to Find Cheap (or Free) Home Renovation Materials

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Investing in real estate takes money. To ensure the highest return on your investment, it pays to play smart when doing property upgrades and renovations.

You can spend a lot on real estate upgrades; some things are worth it. But you can also save dollars without sacrificing quality while making your renovation project more sustainable and eco-conscious.

Here are five creative ways to find free or cheap building materials for your renovation. It requires an investment of time over money. But if you have transportation and a way to pick up your finds, you can swing significant savings.

5 Ways to Save on Renovation Materials

  1. Social media & online: Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are excellent sources for low-cost or no-cost building and renovation items. Find everything from lumber to fixtures to the kitchen sink. Be sure to think creatively and search various “keywords” to uncover possible treasures.
  2. Building reuse centers: Many cities have businesses (sometimes non-profit) that sell salvaged and reclaimed building materials. Score appliances and recycled construction items, including doors, windows, and cabinets. You may find architectural pieces from older homes with some historical interest.
  3. Yard sales: Keep an eye on yard sale listings for many must-have items for your real estate renovation project. Tools, wood, window treatments, carpet remnants, and small household fixtures are common finds.
  4. Network: Let everyone in your circle know what you’re looking for and post your project needs on social media. Family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances are often happy to share or unload items to clear out their garage or attic – and you can ask them to help spread the word.
  5. Barter: Suggest bartering and trading both skills and goods to the same group. Post things you’re willing to swap on Craigslist. You’re likely to find what you’re looking for.

There are a few things to look out for when gathering salvaged building goods for your renovation project:

Be aware of lead paint hazards; never sand or scrap it. Unlike today’s energy-efficient insulated windows, older windows are single-pane. And be sure scavenged lighting fixtures are properly rewired.

With creativity and patience, you can acquire building materials at low to no cost and help keep your real estate renovation project both eco-friendly and within budget. Unexpected, one-of-a-kind finds can even add a uniqueness to your project that you can’t put a price tag on.

Happy salvage hunting!

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