7 Steps to Successfully Purchasing Real Estate

7 Steps to Successfully Purchasing Real Estate

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If you plan to invest in real estate after the first of the year, it’s not too soon to get things in order.

If you’ll be centering your search for potential rental properties or house flips in Washington State, the quieter off-season months of November and December are an ideal time to take steps to enter some of the most popular real estate markets in the country once the calendar turns. Competition is stiff, inventory is tight, and the better prepared you are, the surer you’ll be of landing your ideal property.

Use the following checklist for a successful real estate investment buying experience:

7 Steps to a Successful Real Estate Purchase

  • Know your credit score: Check your credit reports, clean up any items of concern, and understand how your credit score will affect financing options
  • Limit credit card accounts: Keep spending to a minimum and don’t open any new accounts
  • Ask for cash: Request financial support from family in lieu of other gifts for the holidays
  • Find a real estate agent: Do your research, ask for referrals, and interview a select list of agents to find a good fit
  • Track interest rates: Become familiar with market trends and the direction of interest rates
  • Lock in a lender: Reach out to prospective mortgage lenders to determine your source of financing
  • Get financing in order: Preapproval means you can move fast – a must in a competitive market – when the right property comes along.

Less Than Perfect Credit? Talk to Our Washington Private Money Lenders

Having a realistic understanding now of your credit score and financial options gives you the chance to properly prepare for a property purchase next year. Traditional mortgage lenders may say no if your credit is less than ideal. But with the right amount of available equity, our Gregory M. Russell hard money lender team can provide you fast, easy funding. Call 1-888-477-0444 today to learn how we can make your Washington real estate investment a reality with a private money loan.