Bellevue: King County Schools Make the Grade

Bellevue: King County Schools Make the Grade

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Real estate investors consider many factors when purchasing a rental or house flip. The condition of the property, age, size, location and cost are all important.

Equally high on the list should be the quality of the local school district.

Good schools appeal to families with school age children.

But younger couples planning for the future and grandparents interested in being close to grandchildren will also consider local schools when purchasing a property, so an investor’s target market can be lucratively broad. And with many renters and buyers willing to pay more for homes within preferred school boundaries, the right property will provide a landlord or flipper a solid ROI.

Where to Invest in Seattle–Metro Region

If you’re looking to invest in a rental property or house flip in the Seattle–metro area, Bellevue, Washington is a prime location to center your search. The city is home to both top–ranked elementary and high schools in the King County region. Ranked by academics and diversity, along with classroom size and teacher experience, Bellevue’s schools provide a strong K–12 experience.

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