Bothell Investment Opportunities are Growing

Bothell Investment Opportunities are Growing

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Seattle may be making the news when it comes to hot real estate markets.

But smaller communities throughout the Pacific Northwest are growing as well, offering appealing opportunities for real estate investors.

Bothell, Washington, located at the top of Lake Washington, is experiencing a development and construction boon. New hotels and businesses are sprouting up, and road projects are underway to accommodate not only commuters that pass through but the city’s many new residents. Once a quiet bedroom community, Bothell’s population has grown by 12,000 over the past 10 years.

“It’s becoming a place to be, a place to go and a great place to live, work and play,” said Erin Leonhart, Bothell’s public works director.

A grant from the state for downtown expansion will join private investment on the city’s west side with historic downtown Main Street on the east side, which has also seen its share of development. $7 million is being spent on revitalization of Bothell’s Main Street to create pedestrian improvements and gathering spots.

Looking beyond immediate major metropolitan markets can reap sometimes surprising investment rewards. Bothell is a prime example of the real estate investment opportunities that abound in smaller communities.

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