Clever Storage Hacks: Increase Your Living Space

Clever Storage Hacks: Increase Your Living Space

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Spending more time at home has its pros and cons.

For some people, it creates a need for additional work or sleeping space.

Here are seven creative ways to upgrade or repurpose your home or rental property to create more storage and privacy. Many provide long-term ROI for minimal expenditure.

Home Upgrade & Design Tips to Create More Space

Murphy bed: A drop down bed in any size can instantly transform a room from day to night. Murphy beds are a great solution in small living spaces or for overnight guests.

Window alcove: Build out cabinets on either side of a window to create a cozy window seat or alcove space. Use store-purchased units for a quick upgrade.

Wall niche: Take advantage of hollow interior walls. Strategically open up space between wall studs to create recessed storage nooks.

Corner built-ins: Corners are often wasted space. Add storage and create an alcove effect with corner cabinets. Paint and add molding to match walls for a seamless look.

Dividers: Separate a room with a freestanding wardrobe closet or shelves for both privacy and storage.

Hallway: Maximize a hallway or small entry space by installing a narrow table or wall-hung shelf.

Closet: Repurpose a little used closet as a tuck-away office. Add wall-mounted shelves, a tabletop or small desk, chair and lighting for a private, quiet space.

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