Common Apartment Tenant Upgrades & How to Handle Them

Common Apartment Tenant Upgrades & How to Handle Them
by gregrussell

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Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas have seen a rental boom the past few years. If you’ve been riding the wave as an rental property investor, you’re probably familiar with of both the benefits and challenges of being a landlord.

When it comes to maintaining your rental property, even ideal tenants with the best intentions can cost you time and money.

Following are common apartment updates that may jeopardize a tenant’s security deposit – and strain your landlord–tenant relationship. Check out our suggestions on how to handle typical tenant “home improvements.”

7 Common Apartment Upgrades Tenants Make

  • Painting: Require approval – and that anything painted must be returned to its original color or the cost to repaint comes from the security deposit.
  • Wall décor: Recommend that tenants use adhesive hooks or nails to hang that favorite photo.
  • Window treatments: Either provide neutral rod options for curtains or require the use of large, non–sticky adhesive hooks.
  • TV installation: Keep it simple. No wall–mounted TVs allowed – TV stands only.
  • Landscaping: Require permission to plant or keep it to pot gardening.
  • Appliances: Any appliance swapped out for the duration of a lease must be approved – and the original put back in place and reconnected prior to move out.
  • Light fixtures: Make it clear that anything changed out must be returned to the original fixture.

Set clear expectations, keep lines of communication open, and you’ll be better able to ensure everyone stays happy, which in turn is good for your investment.

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