Exterior Paint Color that Sells Your Property

Exterior Paint Color that Sells Your Property

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We all have a favorite color. (What’s yours?)

Color can affect our emotions and moods. Marketers understand that colors even impact the decisions we make, and design products and promotions to appeal to those impulses.

When upgrading or refreshing a property for sale, savvy real estate investors and renovators know that wall colors affect response to a listing. A neutral interior color palette allows potential buyers to envision a space as their own.

Similar rules apply to a home’s exterior.

Boost Your Property’s Value with the Right Exterior Color

First impressions count. The street view of your property can either invite and encourage or turn away buyers. Fresh exterior paint in the right colors is one way to boost the buyer appeal and value of your real estate listing.

Use current paint trends as your guide. Today’s exterior house colors are trending towards earthy, neutral colors: deep shades of stone, sage, stormy blue, and forest green. Your property will look smartly updated with a complementary combination using any one of these on-trend hues.

If your home is historic, research color palettes appropriate to the period. Victorian, Queen Anne, and other older styles can be thoughtfully freshened with more vivid color choices.

It’s essential to consider color harmony when making exterior paint choices. Depending on architectural style, homes typically use three colors – body, trim, and accent. Trim is usually lighter than body color to emphasize a home’s details.

Be sure to keep your surrounding in mind. Select an exterior color that complements neighboring houses. (Some neighborhood HOAs have color guidelines or restrictions.) An electric blue home amid a mix of subdued earth-hued homes may be eye-catching but not necessarily an easy sell.

You can DIY and touch up trim and accent paint to boost curb appeal yourself. If your home is brick, trim may be all it needs. Painting the whole house? Hire professionals. It will be worth the investment!

Finance Property Improvements with a Washington Hard Money Loan

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