Green building equals better environment, smart investment

Green building equals better environment, smart investment

Invest in sustainable multifamily housing with a hard money loan

Seattle, Washington is called the Emerald City in the Evergreen State for it’s lush, green surroundings.

But this verdant corner of the Northwest is a leader in green building as well.

Built Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting green building and education. “Designed for builders and designers by builders and designers,” the Built Green program was developed by Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties along with county and state agencies to set standards of excellence in building and provide consumers with an easy‐to‐read rating system.

Environmentally‐friendly sustainable building practices are specified for new home construction, remodels and multi‐family units. 3‐, 4‐, 5‐ or Emerald Star levels are granted based on completion and verification of Built Green checklists.

30% of new homes sold are now green. Every property constructed to Built Green standards contributes to greater energy savings, healthier living and a greener environment.

One Emerald Star‐certified Seattle home, built by Dwell Development, is an example of leading edge sustainable building. Reclaimed and eco‐friendly materials, strategic attention to design and layout, and elements that “push the envelope” add up to an environmental showcase.

Investing in “going green” is simply smart and the benefits of sustainable building are clear. With certification programs like Built Green leading the way, zero energy homes are set to become the standard.

Invest in an environmentally sound future with sustainable multifamily housing

Housing constructed to Built Green standards not only makes an impact on the environment but creates healthier lives for those who reside there. A green multifamily investment property has the potential to create an even more impactful footprint. Whether you’re looking to construct or purchase a multifamily property, our Gregory M. Russell team of hard money lenders provides fast, convenient private money loans when conventional lenders don’t come through. We’re happy to help make the world a little greener. Give us a call at 1-888-477-0444 to talk about hard money loan options and how you can invest in a more sustainable future.