Helpful House Flip Construction To–Do List

Helpful House Flip Construction To–Do List

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House flipping can be a tremendously profitable venture. If, that is, you have a savvy eye for real estate deals and are organized to a “T.”

Timing is everything. In a hot housing market like Washington State, successful house flippers not only know to stay on top of listings for investment opportunities, but have a solid handle on construction management.

If you’re new to the market and taking on your first house flip, it can be hard to know where to begin once the right property comes along. The following house flip construction check list will help keep you on track. Are you a long–time flipper? Use the list as a quick guide.

House Flip Construction To–Do List

  1. Before Closing: Research all restrictions and permits, and apply accordingly. Check reports and surveys. Plan your demolition. Schedule vendors and suppliers.
  2. Right After Closing: Get insurance coverage. Secure your site from intruders. Make sure foundation is safe and structure is free of bugs, mold, asbestos, dry rot. Remove trees that threaten damage. Begin demolition.
  3. Exterior Structural: Schedule repair of foundation, sidewalks, driveways, floors. Frame out any structural parts damaged by mold, decay or termites. Replace the roof where needed. Replace/add insulation. Update windows and doors, then siding and trim. Make sewer improvements. Plant new landscaping.
  4. Interior Structural: Install HVAC ducting, plumbing, electrical, followed by the HVAC system. Install insulation and vapor barriers, then close up walls with drywall.
  5. Final Touches: Install ceiling trim and door/window casing. Paint interior walls and surfaces. Install cabinets and countertops. Lay flooring, do tilework, and install baseboards. Lastly, install fixtures and appliances.

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