Home Upgrades That Appeal to the Millennial Buyer

Home Upgrades That Appeal to the Millennial Buyer

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The Seattle-metro region is a hot draw for young professionals seeking an urban lifestyle.

Millennials 20 to 34 years of age continue to move to Seattle and surrounding communities, attracted by job opportunities, lifestyle and affordability relative to cities like New York and San Francisco.

It’s a trend worth noting for real estate investors.

The millennial demographic is becoming a significant force in the homebuyers market. By upgrading an investment property to include features millennials commonly look for, savvy investors can increase property value and asking price.

Make the following modern, tech-friendly upgrades on your rental property or house flip for the highest return on investment.

Millennial-friendly Property Upgrades

Neutral decor: Clean, contemporary design and neutral tones are the preferred décor aesthetic. Use colors like cream, beige, gray and white, and keep window treatments minimal.

Appliances: Eco-conscious millennials appreciate energy-efficient appliances that reduce both environmental impact and utility costs. Sustainable upgrades are a smart long-term investment.

Office space: Office space is a great selling feature. Many millennials work from home via remote or attend school. Find ways to provide room for a desk and extra storage.

Automation: Tech-friendly features like smart home devices and environmental controls, ample USB outlets and charging ports, and security cameras and sensors appeal to a digital-centric demographic.

Storage: A clean, minimal living space is best achieved with generous storage. Provide flexible, functional options like well-planned cupboards, closets and built-ins.

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