House Flipping: Lessons From Expert Flippers

House Flipping: Lessons From Expert Flippers

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Successful house flipping requires preparation, patience, good timing, and a willingness to take a bit of a risk.

Experienced house flippers know what to look for when investing in a project. But if you’re new to flipping houses, a little advice from the experts can help guarantee your success.

Here are three top tips from experienced flippers to get you started.

Helpful House Flipping Lessons

Clue in to outside appearances: The exterior condition of a property can be a good indication of the overall risk of taking on a property. If the landscaping, siding and roof are clearly badly neglected, it’s a good bet the interior is even worse. Carefully weigh the risks and returns of any property that is an obvious total redo.

Curb appeal counts: On the flip side, overgrown shrubs, broken gutters or peeling paint may hide a gem of a house flip opportunity. Be sure to budget for exterior updates when planning your fix and flip. Outdoor lighting, landscaping and a good paint job will add to the curb appeal of your finished project and ensure a successful resell.

Have a contingency plan: The best laid plans can go quickly south when bad wiring, a cracked foundation or other unexpected expenses pop up. A renovated property may sit unsold due to competition or poor timing. Be prepared for things to go wrong and include contingency funds in your budget to get over any rough spots.

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