How COVID-19 is Altering Real Estate Practices

How COVID-19 is Altering Real Estate Practices

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There’s a “new normal” in real estate for the foreseeable future.

Home sales and the way buyers shop are shifting in the wake of current health concerns – and real estate investors and industry professionals in Washington State and beyond are meeting the challenge.

Promoting – and Closing – Real Estate via Remote

Buyers have used online platforms to view listings for some time. Real estate transactions have taken place via remote for years. But as much of the country observes stay-at-home orders, alternate ways of using digital to connect buyers and sellers are being given a fresh look.

Real estate sales have slowed in the current health crisis, but buyers are still looking, presumably in anticipation of purchasing once restrictions are lifted. Technology offers a variety of safe, effective ways of providing 24/7 virtual access to a potential buyer without them ever setting foot inside a home.

Sellers can capture buyers’ attention online with:

  • Photo tours
  • Video tours
  • Virtual staging
  • 2D and 3D point and click floorplans
  • Live tours via Skype or Facebook

When it comes to new sales, finding alternatives to in-person inspections and appraisals is tricky while stay-at-home restrictions are in effect. But for sales under contract and close to the finish line, remote solutions include electronic notarization.

Digital advances in the real estate industry will continue to serve as valuable tools for buyers and sellers beyond today’s challenges. Now is a great time to research and invest in ways to market your investment property for sale via remote.

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