How to Find a Reliable Hard Money Lender

How to Find a Reliable Hard Money Lender

Our Washington Hard Money Loan Team Has 30 Years’ Experience

You’ve done your housing market research. You’ve found the perfect real estate investment property. You have your house flipping team in place and are ready to fix and flip.

The only thing you’re missing is financing.

Whether because of timing or credit issues, real estate investors can find themselves in a pinch when it comes to funding. If traditional loan options aren’t available, where can you turn?

A hard money loan (or “private money loan”) can provide a fast, no-hassle answer to your house flipping financing needs. Hard money lenders provide quick financing based on available equity without the usual credit requirements of conventional loans. Terms and guidelines vary by lender.

Knowing where to go for a positive hard money lending experience can present its own challenge. Follow these tips to help you identify a hard money lender with a reputation you can trust.

Find a Hard Money Lender You Can Trust

Research: An online search for lender reviews and client testimonials can provide a helpful starting point. Weigh the percentage of good to bad reviews. Any business can land a negative review now and then. Pay attention to how customer complaints, if any, are responded to.

Network: Use your personal resources. Talk to other real estate investors in your circle. Keep them informed of your interests and ask for tips and referrals. One recommendation or resource often leads to another.

Interview: Do your homework. Interview any potential lenders to get a sense of their legitimacy. A good hard money lender is invested in your success – not just their own return. Do they show interest in your profit goals? How and when you will pay off the loan?

Understand terms: Hard money lenders vary in their terms and fees. If terms are too good to be true, they probably are. Beware of 100% financing, upfront fees, or “bait and switch” scenarios where terms are altered at the last moment. Don’t sign on with any lender until you’re sure it’s the right fit.

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