How to Find Deals in a Competitive Real Estate Market

How to Find Deals in a Competitive Real Estate Market
by gregrussell

Invest in Hot Western Washington Market with a Hard Money Real Estate Loan

You may be interested in purchasing real estate as an investment.

Bolstered by a healthy economy and robust job growth, housing prices continue to rise and listings remain limited in the popular Seattle-King County region.

According to a recent report from Northwest Multiple Listing Service, home values throughout the area have surged. Multiple offers are common on all property types. Demand for single family homes and condominiums are keeping equal pace in the area. Prices have risen between 20-23% respectively. Listings are less and less limited by traditional “busy seasons” as buyers and sellers remain active year-round.

How to Find Investment Success in a Competitive Real Estate Market

So how do you find real estate deals in a market that is so competitive, especially starting out as an investor?

When a market is hot and inventory is particularly tight, preparation and research of market trends will best set you up for success.

  • Find your niche: Get to know your competition. Discover what makes them successful. If the market is simply too saturated with like-minded investors, create your own investment niche.
  • Make connections: Build a team, network, and generously share your own talent and value with others in exchange. It will reap rewards when the time comes.
  • Target market: Know your market, and create a thoughtful, well-branded marketing strategy to get the word out about your investment interests.
  • Build up: Having long term goals is important. You can get there a variety of ways. Don’t hesitate to start small and work up to larger projects. There’s plenty to learn!

Be Prepared with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Our Gregory M. Russell hard money lender team can be a big help when it comes to being prepared in a market like the Seattle-metro area. We understand the demands on investors and what it takes in terms of cash in hand to ensure a successful transition. We work with real estate investors through Washington State (as well as Oregon and Idaho), bringing over 30 years of experience to each client relationship. Talk to us to learn about real estate loan options. 1-888-477-0444.