How to Make a Smart Waterfront Real Estate Purchase

How to Make a Smart Waterfront Real Estate Purchase

Invest in Washington Waterfront Properties with a Private Money Loan

From beachfront to lakefront to river view, Washington State offers a fabulous array of waterfront real estate opportunities.

Purchasing property on the water isn’t just a pool party.

Whether your preference is an urban setting multiplex or a vacation rental on the Washington coast, it’s important to consider the following factors when investing in a waterfront property:

Waterfront Property Purchase Checklist

  • Location and Features: While a home can be updated or improved upon, the physical setting, including view, water access, and privacy, determines the true value of a waterfront property.
  • Traffic: Water traffic can make or break a property’s appeal. Speed boats, water sports, fishing, popular beach locales, or neighboring docks can all detract from an otherwise idyllic setting.
  • Access: Properties with direct, private water access have much greater value than those that share moorages, beaches and pathways.
  • Regulations and Codes: Additional local, state and federal codes and regulations protecting shoreline development can slow or put limitations on new construction and remodels.

A waterfront property can be a terrific investment, particularly in the Northwest. With a solid grasp of what to look out for, challenges can be met and the benefits and rewards of any well-located property fully realized.

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