How to Maximize Your Waterfront Property Investment

How to Maximize Your Waterfront Property Investment

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Washington State and the Puget Sound region is renowned for its spectacular scenic beauty.

From rivers to lakes to the ocean, waterfront living abounds, offering options from water sports steps away to sweeping marine views. Waterfront rental properties are hot commodities and can be a smart investment.

If you are thinking of investing in a coastal, riverfront or lakefront property, here is how to maximize your waterfront ROI.

How to Invest in the RIGHT Waterfront Property for Highest ROI

  • Budget: Save time and potential disappointment by having a clear budget in place before beginning your waterfront property search.
  • Water type: Different bodies of water offer different lifestyles, amenities, and environments. Research waterfront types – saltwater, freshwater – to help you purchase a property that best suits your budget and investment goals.
  • Weather: Have a solid understanding of weather patterns and the potential for natural disasters in the area where you would like to purchase. Risks to oceanfront, lake or riverfront properties are inherent and vary depending on exact location – and could impact your ROI.
  • Property history: When you find properties you are interested in, investigate and compare listing, sale prices and time frames from previous owners, as well as property taxes and fees. The information can provide valuable insights to a property.
  • Insurance: Upon narrowing your search, look into insurance requirements. Most waterfront properties are considered high flood risk, others are in areas prone to windstorms. Added insurance costs could impact your budget. Plan accordingly before making an offer.

Finance Your Waterfront Investment with an Easy Apply Washington Hard Money Loan

Finding the perfect waterfront property is exciting. But every real estate investor needs financing. Timing or loan requirements can sometimes make traditional lending sources problematic when the right investment property comes along. If you need fast cash or have concerns about your credit history, talk to our experienced hard money lender team. Gregory M. Russell offers easy apply hard money loans that are based on your available equity. Your credit and employment history is secondary. Our application process is simple and streamlined with minimal paperwork. Call to learn more (1-888-477-0444) or complete our simple online loan request form. We have helped Washington investors successfully grow their real estate portfolios for over three decades. Let’s talk!