How to Stage Your Investment Property for the Highest ROI

How to Stage Your Investment Property for the Highest ROI

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It’s a seller’s market throughout most of the country.

But real estate market trends are no guarantee of a success when selling. Making a property look its best can help improve the odds of a timely sale and a higher return on investment.

First impressions are a key factor when selling a property, especially in fast-moving markets like Washington State. Staging a rental home or house flip for sale is one way to help ensure it stands out from the competition and gets the attention from buyers it deserves.

How to Stage a Home for Greatest Buyer Appeal and Return on Investment

Staging presents a home in its best light by eliminating clutter, editing down and arranging room layout, furniture and accents, and enhancing curb appeal. Done well, staging helps potential buyers emotionally engage with a property and envision their connection with it.

Virtual staging is a recent trend in the real estate industry.

Digital photos of vacant rooms are provided to a virtual staging company that then “virtually” applies furniture and accents using software. Virtual staging can be a helpful alternative to home staging when a property is empty. Cost is typically $200-$400 and is significantly lower than traditional staging.

Virtual staging has its pluses. What are the cons?

The in-person buyer experience can become a tricky trade off. Potential buyers who have viewed online listing images of furnished spaces potentially lose the emotional connection the images provided when they walk into an empty home. Even more confusing, photos of still-occupied homes can also be virtually manipulated to remove/replace furnishings are sometimes posted, leading to a jarring experience for interested buyers.

Professional stagers are adept at the “art” of staging. Working closely with sellers and real estate agents, experienced stagers will help ensure necessary repairs are made, and enhance a property inside and out using furniture and accessories for the best possible buyer experience. While fees run $2000-4000, a professional stager can increase a home’s asking price and the seller’s ROI.

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