How Virtual School is Changing Home Design

How Virtual School is Changing Home Design

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Successful real estate investors know that it pays to stay on top of industry trends.

The pandemic has widely impacted the real estate market, sometimes in surprising ways. With the school year in full swing, virtual schooling is the new normal. Families with school age kids find themselves in need of dedicated classroom space in the home. And that, in turn, is impacting what homebuyer’s are looking for.

Home classroom (and office) space is suddenly a priority in real estate. Properties that offer creatively functional remote work solutions are especially attractive to buyers. What makes a good virtual learning space? Here is how to sell your investment property or rental’s potential.

What Makes a Good Virtual Classroom Space?

  • Work space: An effective classroom space does not need to be large. Ideally, it should be away from high traffic or common areas, in a spot where outside noise and activity are limited. A bedroom, the corner of a multipurpose room or living room, the dining room – any space can be set up to accommodate study, as long as distractions can be kept to a minimum.
  • Light: Good lighting is key. Eyes tire from straining in bad light and against computer glare. Add desk and floor lamps, both to enhance reading ability and ambiance.
  • Desk & chair: A table and good chair is preferable over sitting on a bed. A desk is ideal. But a kitchen or dining table, if traffic is minimal and rules are agreed to, can work too. In fact, a larger table space for spreading out projects can be an advantage.
  • Reading area: When space allows, add a comfortable upholstered chair or beanbag chair nearby for reading time. Remember to provide proper light.
  • Storage: Include shelves or bins for storing learning materials and artwork supplies. A tidy work space will help encourage learning and good study habits.

If you’re selling a home, putting a new house flip on the market, or leasing a rental, stage your property to include a virtual classroom space using these pointers. Whether it’s a room or a cozy corner, help prospective buyers or tenants see the productive possibilities for remote learning in their new home.

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