Is Now the Time To Invest in the Seattle Real Estate Market?

Is Now the Time To Invest in the Seattle Real Estate Market?

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Housing prices are on the rise in the Seattle-metro region.

Low interest rates and an influx of buyers thanks to a robust economy have led to the current uptick in home prices and tighter inventory throughout Seattle/King County.

Should you invest in real estate when prices are up and inventory is down?

The answer is, it depends.

Investing When the Real Estate Market is Tight

Real estate can be a great investment option if you do your research, choose the right location, and have a long-term strategy.

Seattle has, historically, been a sound real estate investment market:

  • The city’s apartment base has grown 24.4% since 2010, almost double the national norm.
  • The presence of tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Geekwire has helped promote a 50% housing price growth over the past five years and hiring in the area remains strong.
  • predicts an 85% probability of increase in housing prices through 3rd quarter of 2021.

Where are investors putting their investment dollars in the largest metro region in the Pacific Northwest? An increasing demand for single family rental units in recent years makes them a smart option. Multi-family units including duplexes, row houses and homes converted to apartments are also sought after.

High prices and low inventory can make investing a challenge. But with patience and perseverance, a market like Seattle is worth investing in.

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