Kitchen Renovations Take on A New Look

Kitchen Renovations Take on A New Look
by gregrussell

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Kitchens are the natural central gathering place of any home. As we’ve spent more time at home due to the pandemic, homeowners have shown increasing interest in upgrading and renovating their kitchens to meet shifting needs and priorities.

If you’re flipping a house or considering a home renovation, check out these trends in kitchen design.

Kitchens That Meet Stay-at-Home Habits

Open floor plans have been a popular trend in home design for some time. But Zoom calls, work-from-home and study require privacy and quiet. And eating in has become the norm. Great rooms and shared, open-concept spaces are less practical today.

Kitchens are being reclaimed – redesigned to effectively use existing square footage and “work better” for the amateur chef.

What kitchen design features are making the grade?

  • Flooring: Top flooring choices include ceramic and porcelain tile. Styles that mimic hardwood but are more durable and water-resistant are popular.
  • Cabinets: Shaker-style cabinets suit a variety of kitchen decors, and clean, classic white cabinet doors brighten up any space.
  • Pantries: Cooking at home more means homeowners need more generous storage space for food. Walk in pantries are a popular kitchen addition.
  • Islands: For kitchens with the available floorspace, standalone kitchen islands offer convenient food prep, cooking, storage and eating room.

A well-designed kitchen adds value to any home. Follow these kitchen design tips in your house flip or rental property renovation for a ROI.

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