Real Estate Trends for Investors to Watch in 2020

Real Estate Trends for Investors to Watch in 2020

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The new year is a great time to look at real estate market projections and get a pulse on buyer trends in Washington State. For investors, it provides an opportunity to strategize both short and long-term investment goals.

The real estate market is driven by economic, social and governmental factors. Hot real estate markets are cooling. Housing demand is high. Job industries are evolving. Interest rates are low and the stock market is uncertain.

What are anticipated real estate trends for investors to watch heading into 2020? Check out the following predictions.

2020 Real Estate Market & Investing Trends

Housing prices

Though housing prices appear to be peaking, in metro areas around the country prices remain high and inventory is limited.

Home buyer demographics

Millennials and baby boomers are eager to buy and are looking to the suburbs for real estate investment deals.

Housing options

Starter home communities and new construction are helping fill the demand for housing. Small cities are responding to rapid growth with new development that promotes an urban feel.

Investor strategies

Multifamily units and apartments that help meet high housing demands are a smart investment strategy for investors interested in rental properties.

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