Seattle in Top Five Most Profitable Housing Markets in US

Seattle in Top Five Most Profitable Housing Markets in US
by gregrussell

Invest in Washington Real Estate with a Private Money Loan

For any real estate investor, it pays to know where to put your money for the most profitable return on investment.

Housing costs are at a record high across the country.

It’s no secret that Seattle, Washington is one of the hottest housing markets in the U.S. Is it worth investing time, money and resources into the region’s real estate?

According to data published by, yes.

Seattle is one of the top five metro areas where housing prices are projected to continue to rise. For long term investors looking to expand their real estate portfolio and build net worth, the city provides profitable investment opportunities.

What Makes Seattle-Metro Real Estate Worth the Investment

Rated the second top tech market in the U.S., Seattle is home to Amazon and Microsoft. Thanks to the region’s robust job market, competition for housing is stiff on properties ranging from downtown condos to single-family homes in surrounding suburbs. The median home list price is $582,400 and bidding wars are common; nearly two-thirds of homes sold receive multiple offers. So why dive into the market? Savvy investors know that thoughtful investment strategy, the right property purchase, good timing and patience mean a profitable return in a region where housing values are on the rise.

Leverage Your Investments with a Private Money Loan

Investing in a competitive market can be both challenging and rewarding. Having financing at the ready when opportunities arise is key to success. We understand the Seattle-metro market and have worked closely with investors in Washington state for 30 years. If you’ve been turned down for conventional loans or need quick cash, consider a hard money loan. Our friendly lending team can answer your questions with a phone call. Reach us today at 1-888-477-0444 to talk about our Gregory M. Russell equity loan services. We’re here to help.