Seattle is a “Superstar City” for Real Estate Investment

Seattle is a “Superstar City” for Real Estate Investment

Finance Your Washington Real Estate Investment with a Hard Money Equity Loan

Not every city in the U.S. is the same when it comes to investing in real estate. Some weather changes in the economy better than others, affecting their investment appeal.

Seattle, Washington is one of the top real estate investment cities in the country. What makes it a superstar?

What Gives a City Long Term Real Estate Investment Appeal?

The Seattle-metro area and superstar cities across the U.S. share the following three traits:

  1. An educated workforce: A well-educated demographic indicates a robust job market and economy.
  2. Concentrated industry: A concentration of companies in specific industries (particularly high tech, science, and development driven) attracts investment and workers.
  3. A millennial population: Employment opportunities in high-skill industries draw a younger, educated workforce.

It’s a cycle: healthy industry attracts a young, educated workforce which helps bring in high-skill industry.

When considering real estate and where to put your investment dollars, look at the big picture. Superstar cities thrive and tend to come back quicker in times of economic downturn, making them a good long term real estate investment option.

We Finance Washington Investors with Private Money Loans

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