Seattle Metro a Top Millennial Move–to Destination

Seattle Metro a Top Millennial Move–to Destination

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Young adults have a reputation for being free spirited drifters. But according to research, millennials are moving with much less frequency than past generations.

When they do make a move, urban areas tend to be a popular draw for 20 to 34–year–olds, and Seattle makes the top ten list of most popular US metro move-to destinations for millennials.

Wise real estate investors are taking note. Millennials are less likely to own a home, so it makes sense to target rentals to a potential market estimated at 80 million people.

Thinking of getting into the millennial rental market? It pays to be informed:

Who is the millennial tenant?

  • Your potential tenant is tech savvy, often well paid. A third are self–employed.
  • Many are choosing to delay marriage and families, but are looking to stay in one spot.
  • Global awareness is a commonly shared concern.
  • Student loans can make down payment requirements complex.

What do millennials want in a rental?

  • Strong WiFi
  • Sustainability features
  • Pet friendly environment
  • Well–equipped kitchen for eating in
  • Open space for entertaining
  • Safety and security

What do millennials want in a landlord?

  • Online presence, from contact and listing info to rental application to payment options
  • Mobile communication

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