Seattle Rental Boom Projected to Continue in 2017

Seattle Rental Boom Projected to Continue in 2017

Investment in multi-unit rental properties with help of hard money loan a smart move

Seattle’s hot housing market is not expected to cool in the year ahead, according to reports from the Seattle Times.

While home buyers face a highly competitive market with limited available inventory, apartment construction is projected to overtake records set in 2016. “2017 is going to be a record year for apartment construction,” reports Mike Rosenburg of the Seattle Times, “and that’s after we just had four straight record years. Except, this time it’s going to be twice as many units opening than we’ve seen in any other year in the city’s history.”

“What we are seeing now though is the demand has just been so intense that rents have gone up so much anyway. The number of units needs to continue to increase for the rents to go down.”

With rental units in high demand in the Seattle area, multi–unit and single family rental properties are a smart acquisition for real estate investors. Though the market is tight, investment properties are worth seeking out in a region that continues to rank as one of the top move–to destinations in the U.S.

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