Should You Use a Hard Money Lender?

Should You Use a Hard Money Lender?

Why Investors Choose Our Washington Hard Money Loans

Every real estate investor has a common need.


There are various ways to finance real estate investments depending on the project. The type and condition of property and amount needed to borrow are traditionally determining factors.

Financing fix and flips and rental properties can be challenging, particularly in hot real estate markets like Washington State. Time constraints or credit history don’t always align with the requirements and restrictions placed on the loan process by conventional lenders.

Hard money lenders offer a simple financing alternative.

Once thought of as overly “risky,” hard money loans are recognized in today’s real estate industry as a reputable financing option.

What You Should Know About Hard Money Loans

Hard money lenders (also known as private money lenders) offer short-term loans based on available equity and a reasonable plan for repayment. Credit or employment history is not a concern.

Because hard money lenders take on more risk compared to conventional lenders, interest rates are higher, ranging from 10-15% depending on the lender and loan risk (LTV). But loan requests are streamlined and money is typically in hand within two weeks or less.

Why use a hard money loan?

In popular real estate markets, time is often of the essence. Unlike a traditional bank loan, the speed and ease of a hard money loan provides the ability to negotiate a quick close on a property with competing bids.

Hard money lenders will also approve financing when conventional lenders say no due to income or credit issues. With good real estate equity, borrowers can get easily get hard money loans from experienced lenders like Gregory M. Russell.

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