Smart Home & Apartment Maintenance Projects for Spring

Smart Home & Apartment Maintenance Projects for Spring
by gregrussell

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Spring has sprung, summer is just around the corner, and for property owners that means it’s time to get out and get busy with home and apartment maintenance projects. If you’re invested in one of Washington’s popular rental markets, it’s the ideal time of year to focus on exterior upkeep and upgrades before summertime heat sets in.

We’ve got spring maintenance projects to spiff up your investment property both inside and out.

Spring Maintenance Projects for Home and Apartment

Garden: Lay mulch in garden areas to protect, insulate and improve appearance.

Lawn: Schedule regular professional lawn or landscape maintenance before services are all booked for the season.

Wash up: Pressure wash courtyards, walkways, decks and patios to rid them of winter debris and mossy buildup.

Spruce up: Up your landscape ante with new plantings. Add a water feature or gazebo for extra property pizazz.

Pest control: Schedule an inspection and keep unwanted pests at bay both inside and out before they become a problem.

Spring cleaning: Invest in a professional team to do a once–a–year deep cleaning, including carpets, blinds and windows.

A little seasonal maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your investment. Smart investors know the value of a well–cared for property and that the ROI is worth the effort.

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