Stage Your Investment Property For A Higher ROI

Stage Your Investment Property For A Higher ROI

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Summer is the prime season for real estate sales, and the Seattle-metro/Washington State housing market is booming.

Whether you’re selling an investment property due to the market, moving or plans to reinvest, typically the quicker the sale the higher your return will be.

According to real estate agents, staging a home decreases the amount of time it remains on the market and increases its dollar value 6% to 10%. That equates to a greater ROI. Here are steps you can take to stage your property and ensure a speedy sale.

How to Stage Your Investment Property for a Higher Return

Create a budget: Crunch the numbers to determine whether you’ll hire a professional stager (on average $300 to $1350, and more in markets like Seattle) or DIY. The cost to stage varies with whether a space is occupied or empty.

Declutter: The cleaner and more neutral the space, the easier it is for prospective buyers to envision making their own mark on a property. If the property is occupied, pack away personal and household items; clear counter tops; winnow down artwork; clean out closet and storage spaces.

Find a stager: If you plan to hire a stager, do your research and interview a few to find the best fit. Discuss their average time on the market for a staged home, price range, styles of home they work with, formal training, insurance protection, availability, portfolio and references.

Stage selectively: Focus on staging the areas most likely to be trafficked by potential buyers. Prioritize living room, master bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc. If budget is an issue, remember that small, no-cost touches make a big difference.

Create curb appeal: The front of a property creates an important first impression on potential buyers and house hunters scouting neighborhoods. Spruce up landscaping, the front door and entryway to improve curb appeal.

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