The Essential Home Tool Kit: Must-have Tools for Home Repairs

The Essential Home Tool Kit: Must-have Tools for Home Repairs

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If you own a home or invest in rental properties, you’re sure to have a home repair and improvement list. From small fix-its to property upgrades, there’s always something to do.

Home owners and real estate investors know it pays to DIY when it comes to home maintenance. With the right tools, you can handle most small repair needs and upkeep without having to call a professional.

Here are ten essential tools every home tool kit should include. Build your tool box and keep your investment property in tip top shape with these must-have tools!

10 Must-Have Homeowner Home Repair Tools

  1. Tape measure: Invest in a durable, high-quality 12’ to 25’ steel tape measure that won’t bend or dent when extended straight.
  2. Hammer: A well-weighted, curved claw hammer with a rubber grip is ideal for basic home repair projects that often require pulling nails.
  3. Screwdrivers: Tool kit must-haves include both flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers, ideally in multiple sizes to fit different-sized screw heads.
  4. Cordless drill: A chargeable cordless drill with assorted drill bits will make quick work of many DIY home repair jobs.
  5. Level: A sturdy spirit level or torpedo level will help make things aligned, even, and straight when installing shelves and cabinets or hanging pictures.
  6. Pliers set: From needle-nose pliers to wire-cutting pliers to standard slip-joint pliers, no toolkit is complete without assorted pliers.
  7. Wrench: A socket wrench set with a single handle and removable socket options will do the job of multiple wrenches.
  8. Utility knife: A versatile, retractable utility knife in the tool kit will be there when you need it, stay sharp, and save  the kitchen knives.
  9. Handsaw: Home repair can require cutting everything from drywall to shrubbery to PVC; a small handsaw with a quality blade will cut those projects down to size.
  10. Flashlight: A reliable flashlight is a must-have when the power goes out, a fuse is blown, or repairs need extra illumination.

Keep your tools organized and easy to find when you need them in a sturdy toolbox. Choose from durable soft-sided zipped bags to traditional metal toolboxes depending on your storage space and personal preference.

Add an assortment of pre-packaged nails and screws to your toolbox. Duct tape is a home repair “gotta-have.” And, as a bonus, include a compact multi-tool: it will come in handy with almost any repair project.

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