Tips for Real Estate Investing Success

Tips for Real Estate Investing Success

Hard money lenders can help kickstart real estate investing

Real estate has become an increasingly popular investment vehicle in recent years, especially in top move-to destinations like Washington State.

Even so, only a small number of Americans (15%) own property in addition to their primary residence. According to a study by Realty Shares, two-thirds of Americans think that real estate investment is beyond their means.

What, exactly, does real estate investing entail?

Simply put, it means purchasing property to earn income through equity built through appreciation and, in some cases, rent from tenants. Many investors own and see return on multiple pieces of property.

How to start?

Investing requires hard work and know how. But determining the type of real estate that best suits your time, interests, and resources will help ensure success. Follow these pointers.

Tips for Success in Real Estate Investing

  • Invest in rentals: With the right research, preparation and timing, purchasing a rental can be the “in” to long-term ROI – and a step towards future security.
  • Live in your flip: Avoid additional housing expense by residing in your flip as you renovate. Then make money when you later sell the property.
  • Purchase multifamily: The need for multifamily housing is on the rise in many regions around the country. Get in on the trend as a landlord, and live on site for added benefit.
  • Consider crowdfunding: Minimize time, commitment, and risk by buying into a small portion of a property via a real estate crowd funding platform.

Each of these are proven, creative ways to get started in the real estate industry. With the right preparation, you’ll be on your way as a real estate investor.

Know Your Funding Options: Washington Hard Money Loans

Finances play an important part in successful investment scenarios. As private money lenders with over 30 years’ experience, we offer knowledgeable loan services to real estate investors throughout Washington. Talk to us to learn about how a hard money loan can provide you fast, flexible funding when traditional lenders say no. Call Gregory M. Russell at 1-888-477-0444. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing our know-how.