Top Reasons to Invest in a Washington Vacation Rental

Top Reasons to Invest in a Washington Vacation Rental

Hard money loans come in handy when investing in a competitive market

Seattle, Washington and the surrounding metro area is a great place to live and work. The bustling urban region is known for it’s tech industries, green business, manufacturing, and health fields. But life isn’t all work and no play. If you live in the area and are thinking about getting into the vacation rental market, this Northwest corner of the country is a smart place to invest.

But where to buy?

Vacation spots that are close to home and easily accessible are a savvy choice – not only for their rental income potential, but for the option they provide you as an investor for the occasional personal getaway!

5 Top Reasons to Invest in a Washington Vacation Rental

  1. Recession Proof Rentals: Vacation properties that are easy driving distance and well cared for and managed are attractive to prospective renters regardless of downturns in the economy. The Washington coast is a popular destination for busy Seattle city dwellers looking to escape and decompress, making it a great place to focus your property search.
  2. Home-Value Growth: Many smaller towns and cities are experiencing bursts of post–recession development. Purchase a vacation rental property in a community on the upswing like Seabrook, Washington for a robust home–growth value and ROI.
  3. Investment in the Future: A rental investment property can be a long–term investment in your future – a vacation home to share with your extended family, an eventual retirement residence for you. Consider your personal preferences when looking at properties for purchase.
  4. Walkable Access: Beachfront towns that line the Pacific Coast are popular for their “walkability” factor. Rental homes that are an easy walk to the beach, shopping, restaurants, and other amenities are highly sought after by the vacation crowd and always an excellent investment.
  5. Favorable Interest Rates: With interest rates on the rise, now is the time to make your investment move.

A Hard Money Loan Makes Vacation Rental Investing a Breeze

Washington State is a competitive buyer’s market. You want to be fully prepared when the right vacation rental property comes along, and have the necessary funding to keep your investment up once purchased. At Gregory M. Russell, we understand the challenges of real estate investing and are here to help – with fast, friendly, experienced hard money loan services. Call us to learn more.1-888-477-0444.