Why This is a Great Year to Invest in Real Estate

Why This is a Great Year to Invest in Real Estate

Leverage Your Available Equity with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Shifting trends in how and where we work, live and play have impacted the housing market in the past year. Is investing in real estate still a smart move?

The housing market is strong, and vacation and rental properties remain a profitable option for investors. Indicators are that this year is an especially good time to purchase.

Whether you’re new to investing or have a real estate portfolio you want to expand, here are the reasons why now is a smart time to commit your investment dollars.

Why Invest in Washington State Real Estate Now?

Great investment: The current housing market is hot. Unlike the real estate bubble of 2006-2008, today’s stricter lending guidelines are keeping the industry in check, and the robust market is the natural outcome of supply and demand. It adds up to a scenario that invites investment by both first-time and experienced investors.

Equity: Equity-rich properties represented 30.2 percent, or one in three, of the 59 million mortgaged homes in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2020. That’s an increase of almost 4 percent from the previous year despite the pandemic. If you own property, now is a great time to leverage your equity towards long-term investment goals.

Low interest rates: Mortgage interest rates have hit historic lows over the past year. While indicators are that rates will begin to rise, it’s predicted the average will remain at around 2.9% – an attractive incentive to investors.

Timing: Today’s real estate market offers prime opportunity for investors and the sooner you invest, the greater the ROI will be. There’s no better time than now to purchase and begin realizing your long-term investment goals.

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