Cold Weather Maintenance List: Prep Your Rental Property for Winter

Cold Weather Maintenance List: Prep Your Rental Property for Winter

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Winter is here. And with it comes the responsibility of making sure your rental property is properly prepared for the rigors of cold weather in the months ahead.

The better you maintain and protect your property, the higher a return you’ll see on your investment: A well-kept property avoids damage that leads to more costly repairs. And happy, comfortable tenants reduce your turnover and vacancy rate.

Use the following rental property cold weather maintenance check list to get the most out of your investment.

Rental Property Cold Weather Maintenance


  • Roof: Inspect the roof for any damage or weak spots.
  • Gutters: Clear gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Exterior pipes & faucets: Drain water from hoses and irrigation systems; wrap and insulate faucets.
  • Landscaping: Mulch and fertilize lawn and flower beds. Trim and prune plantings and dead tree branches.
  • Drainage: Check for potential drainage and water issues around your foundation.


  • Windows & doors: Check for drafts. Insulate and caulk to prevent air leaks.
  • Air ducts: Schedule an annual HVAC duct cleaning.
  • Furnace: Replace filters and schedule an annual furnace service check up.
  • Fireplace: Check for buildup and schedule a professional chimney cleaning if needed.
  • Interior pipes: Wrap and insulate exposed pipes in chilly areas (basements, attics, crawl spaces).
  • Attic & basement: Make sure insulation is adequate!

Spend a bit more time and energy on a well-maintained rental property now, and enjoy a stress-free winter.

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