How to Buy Profitable Rental Properties: Investor Tips

How to Buy Profitable Rental Properties: Investor Tips

Why Landlords Use Our Easy Qualify Washington Private Money Loans

In the market to purchase a rental property?

If you’re looking for a profitable property, making the effort to find a place that is both appealing and “rentable” will pay dividends. Check out these rental property purchase tips – and improve your landlord ROI.

How to Buy a Rental Property with Tenant Appeal

Use the following checklist when searching for rental properties:

  1. The surrounding neighborhood will determine the type of tenant your rental may attract. Properties near universities will draw students and mean seasonal vacancies. Neighborhoods with high vacancy rates can indicate issues like noise, crime, or other concerns.
  2. Amenities and walkability are key factors for most tenants when choosing a home to rent. Check out nearby shopping, parks, entertainment options, and other features that may appeal to potential renters.
  3. Schools and how they are rated are important considerations for families. If your property is a single-family home, schools should be an important factor in your purchase decision.
  4. The local job market can have an impact on your property’s rentability and value. Research employment opportunities, including job growth rates and potential for future development.

With a bit of legwork and research, you’ll find a rental property that will provide a solid return on investment!

Finance Your Rental Investment with a Washington Hard Money Loan

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