How to Prepare Your Real Estate Investment for a Heatwave

How to Prepare Your Real Estate Investment for a Heatwave

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It’s hot out there.

Temperatures have been on the rise. And the Pacific Northwest is experiencing its share of triple digits more and more.

When heatwaves strike, they can cause unforeseen property damage. Power outages, electrical fires, insulation issues, and structural damage become serious concerns. You can help alleviate the impact of high heat by taking advanced precautions. If you own rental properties, the extra effort will make tenants happy and improve energy efficiency.

Keep your real estate investment safe with our heatwave hints and tips.

Protect Your Investment Property from High Heat

Exterior: Start by protecting the outside of your property with high-quality exterior paint in a light color. A good paint job will deflect heat and withstand exposure to the hot sun. Window awnings, shade trees, and strategic landscaping will also help to protect your property’s exterior and keep the interior cool. Think top down: your choice of roofing material can impact interior temperatures.

Interior: Ensure the attic is well insulated and includes a working fan to regulate airflow. Insulate windows and doors to keep heat out and cool air in. Cover all windows with shades, blinds, or drapes. If your property does not have central cooling, install well-insulated window air conditioners to keep dangerous temps down.

Power: Reduce electrical usage as much as possible. Lights and electronics produce heat that contributes to interior temps and puts additional strain on overworked cooling systems. Ensure that all wiring and outlets are in good working order, and unplug non-essential devices to reduce the potential for short circuits and blown fuses. Protect your property from fire risk in high heat!

Be sure to protect yourself as well. Don’t get caught out in the heat. Pay attention to weather forecasts and do property upgrades before high temperatures and during cooler times of the day. Hydrate and keep cool!

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