Laidback Landscaping Tips for Landlords

Laidback Landscaping Tips for Landlords

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The better maintained your rental property is and the happier your tenants are, the more assured you’ll be of a solid return on investment.

Keeping up the exterior of your rental unit is as important as seeing to interior needs. Attractive landscaping adds curb appeal and enhances quality of life for your renters. But yard and lawn care can be both time intensive and expensive.

Here are five ways to make rental property landscaping cost-effective, functional and low-maintenance.

Low-maintenance Landscaping Tips for Rental Properties

Consider the following five factors when planning your rental property landscaping.

  1. Climate: Knowing your property’s climate and environment are the first step to making landscaping choices that will be low cost and easy maintenance. Use the plant hardiness zone map to zero in on your location.
  2. Grass: Different types of grass are suited to different climes and maintenance goals. From low-mow to low-water varieties, there’s a hardy grass to meet your needs. If you prefer a more traditional lawn, consider an automatic sprinkler system or hire a weekly service.
  3. Plants: Evergreen plants and perennials that come back year after year are smart, easy maintenance choices for the yard and garden. Look for drought-resistant varieties and choose plants according to the exposure they’ll have to sun and shade.
  4. Pets: If your rental property allows pets, plan your landscaping to accommodate them. Set aside a well-drained, dog-friendly area that makes it easy to pick up waste (pea gravel is a great choice). Make sure your rental agreement is clear about picking up after pets.
  5. Outdoor space: A functional, easy to maintain outdoor space adds both value and appeal to a rental property. Consider a grilling area, patio or deck space in your landscaping plans. Large potted plants are a simple addition that tenants can take responsibility for watering.

Be sure to highlight your property’s landscaping pluses in rental listings. A well-kept yard will attract quality tenants, adding to your long-term return on investment.

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