Renovating? Increase Your ROI with These Simple Home Office Upgrades

Renovating? Increase Your ROI with These Simple Home Office Upgrades

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Working from home has fast become the “new normal.”

Homes that include functional home office space are extra appealing in today’s competitive real estate market.

If you’re house flipping or renovating a rental property, including office space upgrades in your plans will add to your ROI.

Check out these design and upgrade tips for an efficient, productive home office.

Super Home Office Design Tips

  • Workspace: Ample desk space and a good workflow make a workday more pleasurable and productive. Allot room enough to work, whether the space you’re designing is a clever work corner or a dedicated office.
  • Storage: Keep an office sorted and well-organized with proper storage. Adjustable shelving and modular storage pieces that can be altered and moved are a smart option. Or convert a bedroom or spare room into office space with custom built-ins.
  • Ambiance: Set the mood with color. Bright colors are stimulating, muted colors are soothing. Light, neutral paint will bounce back natural light and brighten a space. Studies show that blue increases focus and concentration.
  • Lighting: Natural light is best for good mental health and productivity. If a window isn’t available as a light source, invest in good lighting that emulates daylight.
  • Temperature: Being too hot or too cold can impact the ability to stay focused and productive. Provide ways to control temperature with a ceiling fan, thermostat, and window coverings.

As employment and work trends continue to shift, a well-designed office space will add both appeal and value to your rental or investment property in today’s housing market.

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