So You Want to Be a Landlord in Seattle: What to Know

So You Want to Be a Landlord in Seattle: What to Know

Our Washington Hard Money Lenders Understand Real Estate

The Pacific Northwest remains a top real estate spot in the country, showing a promising resurgence in housing sales amid the pandemic.

Real estate investors are taking advantage of record low interest rates in the Seattle-metro region, where rental properties are a smart investment.

Why invest in a Seattle rental property and what should you know?

Investing in the Seattle Rental Market

  • The Market: Seattle housing is pricey. The real estate market is competitive. But with research, persistence, and financing at the ready, investment-smart rental property opportunities are available.
  • The City: Seattle boasts robust employment, mild climate, an active outdoor lifestyle, and a cultural scene that attracts professionals. High housing costs are offset by the high tech and international companies that call the city home, including Amazon, Google, Apple and Starbucks.
  • The Tenant: It’s common for people moving to the Seattle area to rent for 6 to 12 months, even if planning to buy, to provide time to get to know the city. Tenants are typically employed in the metro-region’s tech and big name industries which have fared well during the pandemic.
  • The ROI: Much of the rental process has gone digital around Seattle and beyond, simplifying dealing with tenants and shortening the time frame that rental units are empty. Quality tenants mean less property management and upkeep, lower turnaround and greater ROI.

 The final assessment? Longterm investment in the Seattle rental market can be a smart move.

Finance Your Rental Property with a Washington Hard Money Loan

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