Waterfront Property: Winterization Tips to Protect Your Investment

Waterfront Property: Winterization Tips to Protect Your Investment

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Waterfront homes offer wonderful benefits. Picturesque views, tranquil settings, connection with nature, easy access to water activity, and an ROI that can’t be beat.

Much of the Northwest offers unparalleled options in waterfront living. From beach homes on the magnificent Pacific Ocean to serene lake living to riverfront abodes, there’s a water setting for everyone.

For all the pros, on the flip side waterfront properties require a vigilant maintenance plan. Storms, flooding and erosion are all increased threats. Exposure to the elements means upkeep and insurance are costly.

Is it worth it? Most waterfront property owners will say, by taking the proper steps, yes!

How to Winterize Your Waterfront Investment Property

Waterfront properties get an extra beating during the winter months when storms roll in and temperatures drop. If your property is a rental property or second home, now is an especially good time to winterize before severe weather hits. Focus on the following checklist:

  • Roof & gutters: Check the roof for missing or broken shingles and make any needed repairs. Secure metal roofs down tight. Clear gutters of all debris to avoid heavy buildup throughout the season ahead.
  • Pipes & plumbing: Turn off the main water sources and open faucets if you’re planning to turn off heat and leave your property empty. Disconnect hoses from outside sources and wrap faucets. If the home will be occupied, inspect all insulation, and keep exposed outdoor faucets and pipes wrapped.
  • Doors & windows: Check for air leaks around all windows and doors. Replace old caulking and add weatherstripping where needed to winterize and ensure an airtight seal.
  • Boat dock: Protect your dock and keep ice from forming with a bubbler or agitator. Carefully examine the boat lift and all cables, anchors, pilings for loose parts, cracks or connections and repair as needed.
  • Storage: Bring in or cover outdoor furniture, as well as planters and decorative garden pieces susceptible to cold or the elements.

A waterfront home, well cared for, is a unique experience and sound investment.

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