Protect Your Real Estate Investment Against Inclement Weather

Protect Your Real Estate Investment Against Inclement Weather

Finance Property Repairs with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Harsh weather conditions and unexpected property damage can quickly drain real estate investment gains. Protecting your investment property from inclement weather is essential.

Whether you’re renovating a fix and flip or maintaining rental properties, here are four vital ways to keep your ROI on track when bad weather hits – from snow and ice in winter to heavy rains in spring, high heat in summer to gusting winds in the fall.

How to Prepare Your Investment Property for Bad Weather

  1. Property Maintenance: Start with proper property maintenance. Use a seasonal checklist to ensure your investment is protected from rooftop to foundation against extreme weather conditions. Weatherproofing and landscaping can help guard against both short and long-term damage.
  2. Contingency Funds: Additional costs and unexpected repairs will occur with any investment property, and when bad weather hits, the potential for major property damage is real. Experienced real estate investors know that a reserve fund is essential to their success. Before committing to any investment, budget extra for the unexpected.
  3. Fast Financing Source: It’s important to have a cash reserve fund. But sometimes, unanticipated big-ticket items or major events require immediate financing beyond the cash you have on hand. Many real estate investors work with private lenders who offer convenient, direct hard money financing. Equity-based hard money loans provide streamlined financing without the restrictions or hassle of conventional loans.
  4. Real Estate Team: Having a trusted team of professionals you can call on is invaluable as a real estate investor. Gather reliable names and numbers for contractors and repair people with whom you can build relationships and whose work you can count on, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and others.

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