Tips to Protect Your Property from Winter Tree Damage

Tips to Protect Your Property from Winter Tree Damage

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You might not be thinking much about landscaping during winter months.

But in the Pacific Northwest, where many residential areas are densely tree-filled, sodden tree roots or ice-laden branches can create havoc in high winds and icy conditions, putting your property at risk.

You can help avoid and alleviate winter time tree damage with landscape maintenance tasks along with your other cold weather property preparation. Follow these tree tips for a safer winter season!

How to Protect Your Property from Winter Tree Damage

Winter is a good time to prune many trees and shrubs while dormant. Cut away dead and diseased branches. If you have questions about a tree’s health, consult an arborist.

Remove trees that pose risk before they cause trouble: it’s better, and cheaper, to invest in controlled tree removal than to pay for roof replacement or other major property damage.

If trees or branches do come down and your property sustains damage, call on professionals immediately to make repairs and avoid further complications. A home that sits unprotected can lead to other issues, from water damage to structural concerns. If financing is a concern, private money lenders provide fast equity-based loan options.

Sometimes damage is caused by a tree or branch from a neighboring property. Codes and laws differ between states and municipalities, but most cities require that homeowners maintain the trees within their property lines. Your neighbor could be held accountable if a neglected tree or branch comes down on your property. However, if they can prove they have taken reasonable care, the damage may be deemed an “Act of God.”

Communicate concerns about anything along your shared property line you believe may cause damage with your neighbor. Legally, you can trim anything that overhangs into your yard back to the property line.

Protect your property! Get ahead of winter tree damage before it happens.

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